How You Can Avoid ATO Attention and Potential Audit


Austerity seems to be the buzzword these days. The politicians like to tell the Australian people that they should agree with any measures to cut back on unnecessary spending or to make their tax dollars go further. It's little surprise, therefore, that the Australian tax office seems to be always complaining about the amount of money collected in order to meet fiscal targets. It's no wonder that tax audits are becoming far more prevalent, as underpaid or unpaid taxes are sought.

14 June 2017

Investment Property Owners: What You Need to Know About Claiming the Depreciation of Multiple Fixed Irremovable Assets


As an investment property owner, you have to declare the rent you receive as income when you lodge your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office. As you likely know, you can subtract the expenses incurred in order to earn that income — popular expenses include lawn maintenance, repairs, new appliances and so forth; however, if those are the only expenses you are claiming, you are not maximising your tax return.

25 August 2016

Why You Need a Quantity Surveyor


A quantity surveyor is an individual whose role is to work out the volumes and costs of different requirements of a construction project. Read on and find out why you need to hire this professional if you are going to undertake a construction project. Value Engineering The construction of your home may be affected by serious changes in the price of materials. Such changes can force you to revise your original budget.

24 July 2015